Joist & Decking


Joist & Decking

New Millennium Building Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics, fabricates steel building components for use primarily in non-residential construction—including commercial, industrial, and government buildings. New Millennium has 6 locations in Indiana, Nevada, Florida, Virginia, Arkansas, and Mexico.

Joists, girders and trusses

These welded-steel products are used to support a building’s roof and floors. They are custom engineered to suit the design of each building. In addition to traditional designs, we produce bowstring, arched, scissor, double-pitched, and single-pitched joists.


Decking is made by forming and coating sheet steel. It is installed above the joists to serve as a base of support for either a roof or a floor. For floors, concrete is typically poured over the decking. New Millennium produces roof, form, and composite floor decking.


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