Strategic Focus

Our Corporate Commitment:

  • Safety is our #1 value.
  • Enhance Customer Relationships and Commitments: Our customers are our most important partners. We endeavor to consistently provide outstanding products and services that exceed their expectations while delivering greater value and anticipating their future needs.
  • Sustain our Superior Operating Culture: Our greatest asset is our employees; they are the backbone of our company. Success requires we constantly ensure the right people are in the right place — they are the force that creates and sustains value for the company, our customers and our shareholders. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit by infusing our teams with energetic, positive individuals who apply their minds and ingenuity to crease unparalleled success.
  • Strategic Growth, Intentional Margin Expansion, and Consistency Through The Cycle: We focus on growth opportunities that provide sustainable, high profit margins within our areas of expertise. Whether leveraging our existing facilities through capital-effective organic growth, or embarking on a greenfield expansion, we continue to explore new opportunities. Diversification into additional value-added product arenas will positively enhance margins, thereby achieving more consistent profit margins throughout the business cycle.
  • Drive Innovation: continually challenging the status quo with a consistently renewed focus on being the technology and process leader to both exceed customer expectations — and as importantly to meet their future needs. Innovation extends to our safety, quality and productivity as we strive toward excellence in all we do. 
  • Financial Strength and Flexibility: Our unyielding focus to maintain our position as the low-cost, highly efficient, customer-centric company results in best-in-class financial and operating performance. Our performance drives strong cash flows to not only support our current operations, but to support our continued growth.

Mark Millett
President & CEO

January 1, 2015