Company Overview

The history of success

Growth Oriented

Founded in 1993, Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI), began production at its Butler, Indiana, flat roll mill in 1996. This state-of-the-art mill remains a world leader in its productivity and in production of flat roll steel. Finishing facilities at the Butler mill and in Jeffersonville, Indiana (acquired in 2003), produce pickled, cold roll, galvanized, and painted flat roll steel. These facilities have undergone numerous expansions over the years.

New Millennium Building Systems, a steel fabrication business producing joists, girders, and decking for nonresidential construction projects, began operations in 2000, and today consists of six manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico.

SDI entered the steel long-products business in 2002, with the commencement of production of wide-flange beams at the company’s minimill in Columbia City, Indiana. In 2010, the minimill was expanded to include production of standard rail, and in 2013 the capability for manufacturing premium rail was added. Also in 2002, SDI acquired a steel mill near Indianapolis and restarted the mill in 2004 to produce engineered bar steel (SBQ), and expanded the minimill’s capacity by adding a small diameter engineered bar rolling mill in 2013. In 2006, Steel Dynamics acquired Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation, including Steel of West Virginia, adding merchant bar and specialty steel shapes to its steel product portfolio. The company’s most recent growth occurred in 2014, as it acquired the Severstal Columbus, MS minimill.

The Techs, three galvanizing plants in Pittsburgh that coat flat roll steel, was acquired in 2007. Also in that year, SDI acquired OmniSource Corporation, the operations of which include both ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal processing, transportation, marketing, brokerage, and consulting services in more than 70 locations primarily in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. In addition, OmniSource designs, installs, and manages customized scrap management programs for industrial manufacturing companies at more than 300 locations throughout North America.

With net sales of $8.8 billion in 2014, SDI is one of the largest steel producers and one of the largest metals recyclers in the United States, based on a current estimated annual steelmaking capability of 11 million tons and approximately 6 million tons of recycling volumes. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company employs about 7,700 at its steel mills, metals recycling yards, and facilities for iron production and steel finishing, coating, and fabrication.

SDI’s rapid growth has resulted from discovering and taking advantage of business opportunities in our areas of technical and operational expertise. The company seeks to attract creative and committed people who are given the challenge and the freedom to implement strategic business plans, and who are rewarded well for their successful efforts.