Product Mix

Strength in diversity

Since Steel Dynamics began producing hot-rolled steel coils in 1996 at its Butler, Indiana minimill, we continue to diversify our steel product offerings to meet customers’ needs, both now and in the future. We provide outstanding products and solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations, anticipate their future needs and deliver great value. The company’s steel operations platform has grown from a single product – quality hot-rolled steel coils – to an array of steel products including flat roll, structural, rail, merchant bar, specialty shapes, special-bar-quality, as well as highly engineered, high quality steel products custom-designed for specific customers and applications. The Company’s steel operations business platform accounted for 61% of the company’s external sales in 2013. Annual operating income for steel operations for 2013 was $504.4 million. The pie chart below shows the mix of the tonnage of steel the company shipped in 2013.

Product Mix for Steel Products, 20131

by tons shipped

Steel operations shipments by product type

The steel product mix of Steel Dynamic’s 6.1 million tons of steel shipped in 2013.

1 For steel operations business segment only. This graph does not include steel fabrication or metals recycling and ferrous resources.