Board of Directors

Keith E. Busse
Chairman of the Board
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John C. Bates
President and Chief Executive Officer
Heidtman Steel Products, Inc.

Frank D. Byrne, M.D.
St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center

Traci Dolan
Retired, former Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary
ExactTarget, Inc.

Paul B. Edgerley
Managing Director
Bain Capital, Inc.

Dr. Jürgen Kolb
Retired, former member of Executive Office
Salzgitter, AG

James Marcuccilli, Lead Director
President and Chief Executive Officer
STAR Financial Bank

Mark D. Millett
President and Chief Executive Officer
Steel Dynamics, Inc.

Bradley S. Seaman
Managing Partner
Tricor Pacific Capital, Inc.

Gabriel L. Shaheen
NxtStar Ventures, LLC
President and CEO
GLS Capital Ventures, LLC

Richard P. Teets, Jr.
Executive Vice President for Steelmaking
President and COO of Steel Operations

Steel Dynamics, Inc.