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SDI’s Growth

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ-STLD) is unique among American steel companies. Born as a three-man start-up in 1993, SDI is the youngest of America’s major steel companies. After going public in 1996, we grew quickly to become one of the nation’s major mini-mill producers of carbon steel. As we expanded our production capacity and introduced new products, our sales grew and strong earnings followed. We consistently lead the U.S. steel industry measured by profit margins and income per ton of steel shipped.

Steel Dynamics has grown in steelmaking through the expansion of our existing facilities, the introduction of new products, and through acquisitions. We have also invested in businesses related to our core steel business, including upstream businesses that provide raw materials needed in steelmaking and a downstream business that fabricates steel products for the construction industry. These charts show how the diversification of our business and our expanded steel product offerings have contributed to our growth. Looking ahead, we believe the U.S. economy offers numerous opportunities for our continued growth.

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Steel Dynamics:

Focused on Profitable Growth

Growth from metals recycling and iron-making initiatives…and steel product diversification

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