Mesabi Nugget

The Mesabi Nugget project is a pioneering effort to commercialize the production of high-purity pig iron nuggets using an innovative direct-reduction process. Production of nuggets at the Mesabi Nugget plant at Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, began late in 2009 with first shipments to SDI’s Flat Roll mill in February 2010.

Mesabi Nugget LLC

Mesabi Nugget is a joint venture between Steel Dynamics (81 percent) and Kobe Steel (19 percent). Kobe Steel has developed and licensed the technology for production of the nuggets. Mesabi Nugget produces iron nuggets principally as feedstock for EAF steelmaking in mini mills.

Mesabi Mining LLC

Mesabi Mining LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics with the mission to surface-mine iron ore, concentrate the iron ore, and provide concentrate as feedstock to the nugget plant. For this purpose, Steel Dynamics in 2007 acquired or leased more than 6,000 acres of iron-rich land on the Mesabi Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota. Mining operations await the issuance of operating permits by the State of Minnesota.

Annual production capacity

430,000 tonnes

2014 shipments

244,000 tonnes