Steel of West Virginia

Steel of West Virginia (SWVA, Inc.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics, operating a steel mini mill in Huntington, West Virginia. SWVA was acquired in 2006 by Steel Dynamics as a part of the purchase of Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation.

As SDI’s smallest steel mill, SWVA focuses on niche products including carbon steel specialty shapes and light structural steel. Its specialty products include truck-trailer crossbeams, masts and hanger bars for industrial trucks, light rail used for cranes and mines, and guardrail posts. Its light structural steel products include manufactured housing beams and 3-inch to 8-inch standard beams.

The melting and casting capacity of the Huntington mill is 275,000 tons per year. To provide the additional steel needed for rolling, Steel of West Virginia depends on the Roanoke Bar Division to add to its supply of billets.

Although Steel of West Virginia has the distinction of being the longest operating of SDI’s steel mills, it remains very competitive in its niche markets. SWVA’s innovative engineering and production teams continue to excel in creating and rolling new specialty steel products to meet customers’ changing needs.

Annual production capacity in 2014

355,000 tons


Percent of SDI steel shipments, 2014

Rolled product capacity