Flat Roll Group, The Techs

The SDI Flat Roll Group’s, The Techs includes three galvanizing operations near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: GalvTech, MetalTech, and NexTech. Each plant specializes in galvanizing specific gauges and widths of flat-rolled carbon steel. This galvanized steel is sold to a mix of service centers and OEMs for primarily non-automotive applications.

The Techs has developed a reputation for the high quality of its coated products and its responsive customer service.

Steel Dynamics acquired The Techs in 2007, previously a privately held company. The acquisition made Steel Dynamics the largest domestic supplier of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet. A large portion of the steel coated by The Techs is sourced from other steel companies.

Annual production capacity in 2014

1 million tons


Percent of SDI steel shipments, 2014

Galvanized steel shipped by The Techs