Nonferrous scrap

OmniSource Corporation (a wholly-owned SDI subsidiary) is the nation’s largest processor of nonferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. We collect nonferrous metals from across the U.S. Our principal nonferrous metals processing operations are in northeastern Indiana.

Scrap we buy

We buy nonferrous metal scrap that is the by-product of manufacturing or fabricating new products. We also purchase recyclable aluminum, copper, and other metals at more than 70 company-operated metals recycling collection and processing yards. Recycled wire and cable is a major source of copper. Beverage cans provide a high volume of recycled aluminum. More »

Scrap we sell

We sell a wide range of processed non-ferrous scrap such as granulated copper, secondary aluminum ingots, and foundry brass and bronze alloys. In addition, our multiple auto shredding facilities yield various grades of nonferrous scrap from their sorting and recovery systems. Sophisticated identification, segregation, and manufacturing processes ensure product quality and consistency. More »

1 billion pounds

Annual production capacity

2014 shipments

1.17 billion pounds