About Us

About Us

Welcome to a New Team

In 2014, we became proud members of a new team when our facility was acquired by Steel Dynamics. Formerly Severstal Columbus, we're now the SDI Flat Roll Group Columbus Division. SDI is a world-class leader in providing a wide range of carbon-steel products and related services. Our addition to the SDI fold has increased the company's annual overall steelmaking capacity by more than 40 percent to 11 million tons.

Our modern, state-of-the-art facility stands as the perfect complement to SDI's flagship Flat Roll Group Butler Division. We bring not only an increased annual capacity for making sheet steel, but also an array of value-added finishing processes. Our division also enables the Flat Roll Group to broaden its sheet-steel product capabilities in regard to width, gauge, and strength.

Our complementary steelmaking cultures are driving operational excellence. Columbus is benefitting from SDI's low-cost, variable operating network, vast experience in cold-finishing and galvanizing operations, and the company's metals-recycling platform. Our combined casting knowledge has increased productivity and expanded product capability. We're also benefitting from SDI's existing customer relationships to enhance our commercial opportunities.

Moreover, we already promote the same superior culture that SDI has long sustained. We have a strong, innovative, ethical management team, and our employees demonstrate the same esprit de corps that has made SDI a leader in the industry. And, just as SDI has maintained since its beginnings, we have a strong safety performance, and we're an environmentally conscious operation.

Our facility was opened in 2007 and underwent a significant expansion in 2011 that doubled our annual production capacity to 3.4 million tons. We produce hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and coated products for a broad range of customers and industries.

Inside our facility are two electric-arc furnaces, ladle metallurgy furnaces, vacuum tank degassers, thin-slab casters, a hot strip mill, a coupled pickle line and tandem cold mill, a push-pull pickle line, a hydrogen annealing shop, and a temper mill. We also feature a hot-dip galvanizing line and a line dedicated to the production of Galvalume®. Our brand-new, state-of-the-industry paint line is slated for startup early in 2017.

Columbus is located in the heart of Mississippi's “Golden Triangle," where raw materials can be delivered and finished products shipped out efficiently by truck, rail, and barge. Columbus is positioned in a growing manufacturing zone for several markets, including the southern plants of major automakers. Production at the Columbus Division will allow SDI to capitalize on growing industrial markets in the southern United States and Mexico.