Aluminized Type 1

Aluminized Type 1

Steel Dynamics Aluminized Type 1 product offers excellent corrosion protection in many applications through the combination of the aluminum/silicon coating. Based on this unique coating, the product also has outstanding heat resistance. Aluminized Type 1 is effective for applications up to 1250°F. This product may be specified as extra smooth in order to minimize the presence of cosmetic defects. Various surface treatments are available to further inhibit oxidation. SDI Aluminized Type 1 is produced with a 24" ID. Our products are produced to a specified minimum or nominal thickness and are sold on an actual scale-weight basis.


Gauges (in.)

.014 – .130 minimum ordered thickness


Widths (in.)

36 - 72



Type 1-13, Type 1-25, Type 1-40, Type 1-50, Type 1-60


Surface Treatments

Rust-preventative oil, standard passivation


Material Specifications

ASTM A463 Hot-dipped, coated layer of aluminum/silicon alloy (5% to 11% silicon) in commercial, forming, structural-steel, and high strength low alloy steel grades.