Management Letter

Management Letter

picture of Roberto Bohrer

A New Day at The Heartland Division

A message from Roberto Bohrer
Operations Manager

The Heartland Division is the newest member of Steel Dynamics’ Flat Roll Group. We are located in the Crossroads of America – Terre Haute, Indiana, where we operate an 800,000 square-foot finishing mill that specializes in the production of light-gauge galvanized steel with tight tolerances and cold roll steel products.

The most recent addition to the Steel Dynamics’ family, our mill was a great fit for SDI for several reasons, starting with our safety record. Just like Steel Dynamics, we believe in putting safety first. I believe we can take our dedication to safety even further as part of SDI. The knowledge and experience they bring makes a real difference as their team continues to share information and expertise with our employees.

That brings up another reason we are such a good fit for SDI, we also understand the importance of having exceptional employees. We simply can’t exist without them. The pride and dedication our team puts into their jobs shows in the quality of our products. We’ve built a culture of teamwork that is centered on trust. Through open communication and staying true to our word, everyone has come together as a strong team. The trust has only grown by being a part of SDI, thanks to the open communication and support they’ve shown Heartland. It really does feel like a family – one that has welcomed and supported us from day one.

A central idea for our mill has always been, “we sweat the small stuff, too.” So, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy and keep them satisfied. Our success depends on having strong relationships with our customers. They trust us to be honest and keep them informed. We are always up front about the quality of our products and invite all our customers to come to our facilities to see everything for themselves. Our goals is to go beyond being just suppliers, and become trusted partners.

Our customer-oriented culture is also a good fit for SDI and will continue to grow as we share technical information through open discussions. Together, we plan to grow and use our entire facility to its capacity, increasing production of high-quality cold roll, pickle and oil, and galvanized products. We will work in conjunction with Steel Dynamics’ other flat roll operations to make the supply chain and customer network as effective and efficient as possible.

Everything we have seen so far from Steel Dynamics makes us so excited about the future of the Heartland Division, the Flat Roll Group and the entire SDI family.

The entire Heartland team is proud of our history and look forward to continuing to grow and succeed with the support and leadership of Steel Dynamics.


Roberto Bohrer
Operations Manager