Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Sheet

The Heartland Division’s galvanizing line applies a thin layer of zinc to full-hard cold rolled steel for superior corrosion protection. The galvanizing line boasts in-line tension leveling and a four-high temper mill for enhanced surface quality. At 72” wide, the process capability ranges from 0.010” to 0.060” in thickness. Available zinc coating weights range from G30 to G115.


Gauges (in.)

0.010 – 0.060 minimum ordered thickness

Widths (in.)



G30(U), G40(U), G60(U), G90(U), G100, G115

Surface Treatments

Rust-preventative oil, chromate passivation, RoHS-compliant trivalent chrome passivation, or a clear acrylic coating.

Material Specifications

ASTM A 653 dipped galvanized carbon-steel sheet in commercial, forming, and structural-steel grades.