Engineered Bar Products Division


Engineered Bar Products Division

Our Engineered Bar Products Division is located in Pittsboro, Indiana. One of the largest engineered bar mills in North America, our facility is capable of producing a broad array of engineered special bar quality (SBQ), merchant bar quality (MBQ), and reinforcing bar products. As a result of completing the additional small-diameter bar rolling mill in 2014, the mill is capable of shipping 950,000 tons. We primarily focus on the highly engineered special bar quality market, which requires absolute precision in the manufacturing of carbon steel round and square bars that meet specific customer requirements for reliability, strength and quality.

The facility is capable of producing round and round-cornered square bars from one inch to nine inch diameters and round-cornered SBQ squares in sizes from two to eight inches. In addition to steel production, the engineered Bar Division also provides bar-finishing services, such as heat-treating, turning, straightening, polishing, chamfering, and precision saw-cutting, as well as non-destructive testing services.

Our facility achieved and retains its ISO 9001:2008—ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2008 certification.


Round bars are most frequently used to make parts, such as gears, shafts, axles and flywheels – principally rotating machinery applications. Round-cornered square bars are used to manufacture parts for automobiles, trucks, heavy construction equipment, seamless pipe and tubing for the oil and gas drilling market, military applications, agricultural equipment, mining, and marine drive systems.

Merchant bars and reinforcing steel bars (also called rebar) are used in commercial construction and joist manufacturing.

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