Flat Roll Group


Flat Roll Group

The Steel Dynamics Flat Roll Group produces sheet steel products consisting of hot roll, cold roll and coated steel products.

The Flat Roll Group is comprised of two of SDI’s six electric arc furnace steel mills – one at Butler, Indiana and one at Columbus, Mississippi ― which have a combined annual production capacity of 6.4 million tons of hot roll steel sheet as well as eight downstream coating facilities. Our  Jeffersonville, Indiana facility galvanizes steel sheet, and our three facilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Techs (NexTech, GalvTech, and MetalTech) specialize in galvanizing flat roll steel. The Techs' annual galvanizing capacity is in excess of 1 million tons. Each of the Flat Roll Group facilities provide high quality and value-added products.

The Flat Roll Butler Division was established in 1996 and was SDI’s first steel mill. It is consistently one of the most efficient flat roll steel sheet mills in the world. The profitable success of this mill has been a key asset and consistently contributes to the company’s financial strength.

SDI began an exciting and transformational new chapter in the company’s history on September 16, 2014, with the acquisition of the Columbus mill, SDI’s largest acquisition to-date. This acquisition was a significant step in the continuation of the company’s growth strategy. In addition to gaining an incredible team of talented people, the Flat Roll Columbus Division mill is currently the most modern state-of-the-art minimill in the world. The acquisition increased SDI’s production capacity by nearly 40% to 11 million tons annually and materially increased the company’s earnings power.

Through its low-cost operating structure, unparalleled customer service, and outstanding workforce, SDI is a world-class steel producer.