Structural And Rail Division


Structural And Rail Division


Our Structural and Rail Division is located in Columbia City, Indiana. It began operations as a Structural mill in 2002 and is now SDI's second-largest steel operation. The Structural mill produces a variety of parallel flange sections such as wide flange beams, American Standard Beams, Manufactured Housing Beams, H Piling and Channel sections for the construction, transportation and industrial machinery markets. We offer these products in standard lengths, and can also cut sections to custom lengths. As a result of our mill design and state-of-the-art technology allowing quick changeovers of products, our production flexibility allows us to offer the shortest lead times in the structural-steel industry.

Our Rail mill produces standard and premium rail in 320 foot length. A proprietary, in-house developed rail head hardening process allows our minimill operation to be the preeminent provider of quality rail in North America, serving the Class 1 railroad customers. Integral to our commitment to our customers, our facility provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our rail customers. Our rail manufacturing and finishing processes include cut-to-length, welded, premium or standard products. We can also make and ship 1,600 foot length rails, which are made by welding together five 320 foot length rails.  These long strings offer substantial savings to the railroads both in terms of initial capital cost and through reduced maintenance.


Our structural steel shapes are primarily used in construction: commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, hospitals, airport terminals, stadiums, parking garages, office buildings, distribution centers, refineries, and bio-diesel and ethanol plants. Structural steel is also used to manufacture trucks, trailers and recreational vehicle frames.

Our rail is used in railway track by Class 1 railroads, short lines, commuter lines and industrial plants.

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