Round-Corner Squares

Round-Corner Squares

Round-cornered squares are mainly used in forging steel parts. Typically, our high-strength carbon and alloy-steel bars are custom-formulated for specific applications in heavy-construction equipment, automobiles and trucks, agricultural equipment, mining, and marine drive systems.

Rolling Mill No. 1

  • 3" to 8" round-cornered squares
  • Round-cornered squares will be available in most 1/4" increments and are subject to accumulation.
   Intermediate and metric sizes can be produced provided certain minimum quantities are met. Please    inquire.


(Currently producing the following AISI carbon and alloy grades)
  • ASTM A36 and A572 Grade 50
  • 1000 Series Carbon
  • 1100 Series Resulfurized
  • 1215 Rephosphorized and Resulfurized Carbon, 1500 Series Carbon
  • 4000 Series Alloy, 4100 Series Alloy, 4300 Series Alloy
  • 4600 Series Alloy, 4700 Series Alloy, 4800 Series Alloy
  • 5100 Series Alloy, 8600 Series Alloy, 8700 Series Alloy, 8800 Series Alloy, 9300 Series Alloy
  • Vanadium micro alloys, resulphurized grades, bearing-quality grades, boron-treated steels
  • High-chrome grades: F2, F11, F22, F5, F9
  • Low-sulfur inclusion shape
  • Controlled grades—DI
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