Specialty Shapes


Specialty Shapes

Steel of West Virginia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics, offers a wide variety of carbon steel specialty shapes, a line of standard merchant shapes, light structural steel shapes, and truck-trailer beams.


Standard beams 3-inch to 8-inch, wide-flange beams from 4 inches to 8 inches, and manufactured-housing beams from 3 inches to 12 inches.

Specialty Shapes

Specialty shapes are often custom-engineered and serve a wide range of customers. Typically, they are used for heavy construction equipment, industrial-truck masts and hanger bars, and guard-rail posts.

Semi-truck-trailer cross-members

These beams are used in the production of truck beds and semi-trailers.

Light rail

This light rail is for mining, crane rail, and conductor rail.

Bulb Flats

As of 2015, SWVA has the capability of producing bulb flats in the range of 120 mm – 240 mm. Bulb Flats are the plate stiffener of choice for the shipbuilding industry, due primarily to their excellent strength to weight ratio and the fact that their shape prevents the build up of corrosive debris.

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