About Us

About Us

The Techs was born in the mid-1980s when a group of steel-business veterans sensed an opportunity to succeed where others were failing. The once-great Pittsburgh steel industry had been in decline since the ’70s. Massive layoffs and mill closures had significantly weakened what had been a symbol of American strength. Between 1979 and 1987, nearly 120,000 jobs were lost in the Pittsburgh area, about half of those jobs in steel production.

Nonetheless, this group of entrepreneurs saw a chance to fill a void created when so many big steel companies were closing their doors. They recognized that there was an under-served marketplace for high-quality galvanized steel, and they were confident they could compete by forming a company that would make cost-effectiveness and customer service its hallmarks. They were right.

In 1984, the group purchased a galvanizing facility once operated by J&L Steel. The facility had been sitting idle for about two years. Then, they hired topnotch, experienced professionals eager to tackle the challenges inherent in a new enterprise. They gave their new employees the latitude to make decisions and tied employee compensation to the success of the new company. The facility and equipment were updated, and production began.


There were many challenges. There was trial and error, and then more trial. Cross training was essential. Everyone, regardless of his or her background, pitched in wherever and whenever needed during those early days, from the production line, to maintenance, to the office. From this roll-up-your-shirtsleeves attitude, an esprit de corps was born that still lives today.

That was the genesis of MetalTech, The Techs’ highly successful flagship facility. Today, as then, MetalTech specializes in producing hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet in heavier gauges.

In 1990, the same investors seized another opportunity. No one in the United States was galvanizing thinner-gauge steel sheet; the marketplace was dominated by foreign competition. They opened NexTech in a facility where Westinghouse once made transformers. NexTech soon set the standard for galvanizing steel in ultra-light gauges and captured a significant share of the marketplace both here and abroad. NexTech even landed a share of the previously untapped and growing Chinese market.

Again, success spawned more growth. In 1996, the company purchased the former Hays Army Ammunition Plant and began galvanizing medium-gauge steel sheet.

In 2000, all three facilities—MetalTech, NexTech, and GalvTech—came under one banner and one brand as The Techs.

In 2007, The Techs became a division of Steel Dynamics, Inc. While we galvanize both hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheet made by SDI’s Flat Roll Division at Butler, Indiana, we also purchase substrate from other high-quality steel producers.

With a total annual capacity of 1 million tons, we cover the spectrum of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet, from heavy to medium to thin gauge. But while we have a reputation for producing the highest-quality products in the broadest range of gauges, what sets us apart goes all the way back to the vision our founders shared.

We have been successful because we strive to be cost-effective, and because we provide superior customer service. And when we say that our customer service is topnotch, it’s not just boastful rhetoric. Year in and year out, we’re at the top of the Jacobson Customer Satisfaction Survey.