Good Citizenship

We continually strive to be good enviro citizens, whether it relates to our process, the use of our product, or our product’s life cycle.

Our in-house experts and third-party specialists work together to ensure that our manufacturing processes conform to the full regulatory umbrella: water, air, and both hazardous and residual wastes.

We strive to conserve energy and natural resources and have invested in many projects that have reduced our energy consumption. Recent examples of such projects are waste gas heat recuperation and the retrofit of the overhead lighting in our facilities.

What’s more, our product, galvanized steel, is readily recyclable. The presence of zinc coating on steel does not affect steel’s recyclability; zinc-coated steel is comingled with other steel scrap and used in the steelmaking charge —the zinc volatilizes, is recovered, and is reused.

Taking it a step further, zinc-coated steels greatly prolong the useful life of a steel product by protecting it against corrosion. Some products may last decades longer as a result of the zinc coating thereby slowing their entry into the recycling circuit.

Moreover, Steel Dynamics Inc., The Techs’ parent company, has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by becoming a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a nonprofit trade organization that fosters sustainability by encouraging that structures—commercial and residential—be designed, built, and operated in a way that conserves natural resources and saves energy.