Galfan Products Overview

Galfan Products Overview

What is Galfan?

5% Aluminum and 95% Zinc

• Galfan significantly improves corrosion performance by 50% or more over traditional galvanized

• GALFAN vs GALVANIZED examples:
      Galfan GF-20 is equivalent to a Galvanized G-40 coating weight
      Galfan GF-30 is equivalent to a Galvanized G-60 coating weight
      Galfan GF-45 is equivalent to a Galvanized G-90 coating weight

• Galfan creates an opportunity to lower costs via lighter coating weights while achieving similar or better performances than Galvanized

Product Attributes

• No spangle
• Low Coefficient of Friction
• Improved formability / Enhanced resistance to micro-cracking
• Excellent paint adhesion
• Environmentally friendly by reducing zinc usage as much as 50%

Galfan at TheTechs

Galfan is a registered trademark of the Galfan Technology Centre. The Techs are a licensed producer of Galfan. For further information or assistance please email

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