Markets and Applications

Markets and Applications

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet

Markets and Applications

The high-quality hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet we produce is an essential component in products that must stand the test of time while enduring the elements. Steel is depended upon for its strength and longevity so it must be protected against corrosion.

On our continuous galvanizing lines, we hot-dip coils of steel sheet in zinc to provide that protection against corrosion. We also offer customers several chemical surface treatments that further increase protection against corrosion, and mechanical surface treatments that change properties of the metal to meet other specifications.

In the galvanizing process, zinc and steel become one during a chemical reaction. While paint, for example, acts as sealer when applied to steel sheet, the zinc and steel combine permanently during galvanization. The zinc actually reacts with the iron in steel to form the bond. The end result is a product that has a protective layer of zinc, subsequent layers that are a combination of zinc and iron, and a center that is all steel.

Galvanization inhibits corrosion in two ways: barrier protection and sacrificial protection.

The barrier protection is the durable zinc coating, which is a physical shield against corrosive elements. The paint on your house or car provides similar protection.

Sacrificial protection, however, occurs because zinc reacts slightly faster than steel to corrosive elements. The zinc reacts and “sacrifices” itself to protect the steel and leave it unaffected. Even when a a small amount of steel, such as an edge, is exposed directly to the environment, zinc reacts with the environment and ties up the corrosive elements in it to protect the steel.

Galvanized steel is especially important for products that will be used outdoors and exposed to moisture, such as automobile components and building materials.

Here are some of the markets and applications for our galvanized products:


AgricultureFeeders, Grain bins, Roofing and siding


AppliancesInternal parts, Brackets, Panels


AutomotiveBrackets, Suspension parts, Stampings, Unexposed panels

Building and construction

Building And ConstructionCeiling grids, Decking and flooring, Electrical boxes, Fabricated metal parts, Framing materials (commercial and residential)

Entry doors and garage doors

Entry Doors and Garage DoorsEntry-door panels (commercial and residential), Garage-door panels (commercial and residential), Hardware

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

Air-distribution foils, Duct work, Fabricated metal parts, HVAC units—wrapper stock, Stoves

Highway construction

Highway ConstructionBridge decks,

Culverts, Guide rails, Signposts

Metal buildings (roofing, components, and prefab)

roofing, components, and prefabPanels—bare and prepainted (commercial and residential), Roofing—bare and prepainted (commercial and residential), Roof-system anchors, Sheds, Carports

Manufactured homes

Manufactured homesFraming, Roofing, Siding, Under flooring

Downstream operations

Downstream operationsService centers, Value-added processors

Other uses

Other UsesBX cables, Flexible metal hose, Mailboxes, Refrigeration, Vending machines, Waste receptacles, Swimming pools, Computer wrapper stock