Metallurgical and Technical Support

Metallurgical and Technical Support

Metallurgical/Technical Support

To help our customers grow and succeed, technical service and support is available. Our technical support efforts are aimed at product development, quality improvement, and technical inquiries.

Contact Information for Technical Service Engineers (TSE)

Margie Farabaugh (412) 368-4898 (412) 825-9014
Josh Bowne (412) 368-4896 (412) 825-9014
Michael Arend (412) 368-4909 (412) 825-9014


For general galvanized product and market information, we recommend contacting the GalvInfo Center.

The Techs are a member company of the GalvInfo Center, program of the International Zinc Association established to serve current and potential users of steel sheet coated with zinc-containing coatings. The core activity of the center is to provide technical information and support to direct inquiries about the application, performance, and unique terminology of these products. New users need to have information readily available, and it is important that the products they select be used properly, to ensure their performance meets expectations.

One key feature of GalvInfo is the GalvInfoNote section, a series of downloadable technical bulletins covering the most-frequently asked questions about zinc-containing coatings on steel sheet.