Cookie Policy

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (“Steel Dynamics,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) uses cookies to collect information about your online preferences. Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser that allows the server to uniquely identify the browser on each page. We use the following categories of cookies on our websites (collectively, the “Site”). Where possible, we have noted your ability to disable a cookie or opt out of its use on our Site.

This Cookie Policy applies to the websites of Steel Dynamics, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, those listed below. This Cookie Policy applies regardless of the medium in which the Site is accessed by a user (e.g., via a web or mobile browser). In the event that a Steel Dynamics, Inc. subsidiary posts a cookie-related policy on its website that is inconsistent or in conflict with this Cookie Policy, then the terms of that Cookie Policy will prevail and govern to the extent of the inconsistency or conflict in connection with the use of the subsidiary’s website.


  • New Millennium Building Systems, LLC
  • OmniSource, LLC
  • Vulcan Threaded Products, Inc.
  • SWVA, Inc.
  • SDI LaFarga, LLC
  • Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation

Strictly Necessary or Essential Cookies

A type of first-party cookie, these cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the Site and use its features. Without these cookies, some services you have requested, such as maintaining a record of your selected items, cannot be provided. These are a type of “session” cookie, which expire immediately or within a few seconds of you leaving the web browser. This category of cookies cannot be disabled.

Performance or Analytics Cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information on how people use our Site to help us understand how visitors arrive at our Site, browse or use our Site, and highlight areas where we can improve, such as navigation. The data stored by these cookies never shows personal details from which your individual identity can be established. For example, the Site uses Google Analytics and sends non-personally identifiable information to Google Analytics for the purpose of providing us with the ability to conduct technical and statistical analysis on the Site’s performance. For more information on how Google Analytics supports the Site and uses information sent from the Site, please review Google’s privacy policy available at

Functionality Cookies

A type of first-party cookie, these cookies remember choices you make such as the country from which you visit our Site, your preferred language, and your search parameters. This information can then be used to provide you with an experience more appropriate to your selections and to make your return visits to our Site more tailored to your preferences. The information in these cookies may be anonymised. These cookies cannot track your browsing activity on other websites. This category of cookies cannot be disabled, but can be cleared after each visit to our Site.

Secure Cookies

These cookies can only be transmitted over an encrypted connection, such as HTTPS. Mostly, checkout or payment pages of e-commerce websites have secure cookies to facilitate safer transactions. Online banking websites also use secure cookies for security reasons.

HTTP-Only Cookies

These cookies can only be accessed by a server and prevent XSS (cross-site script) vulnerabilities, minimizing the chance of hacks and unauthorized intrusion.

Flash Cookies

These cookies use the Flash plugin to hide cookies from your browser’s native cookie management tools. They are available to all browsers and can hold 100KB of data compared to an HTTP cookie’s 4KB.

Zombie Cookies

These cookies are closely tied to Flash cookies. A Zombie cookie can instantly recreate itself if someone deletes it. The recreation is possible thanks to backups stored outside a browser’s regular cookie storage folder—often as a Flash Local Shared Object or as HTML5 Web Storage.

Of course, if you do not wish to have cookies on your devices, you may turn them off at any time by modifying your Internet browser’s settings. These settings are typically found in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. However, by disabling cookies on your device, you may be prohibited from full use of the Site’s features or lose access to some functionality. If you want to remove cookies that were placed on your device in the past, you can manually delete cookies at any time. However, this will not prevent our Site from placing further cookies on your device unless you adjust your settings as stated above.

For more information on how Steel Dynamics protects your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy available at