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Flat Roll Group

SW-Sinton Division

SW-Sinton Division

We are excited about the transformational growth and long-term value creation that our new Sinton, Texas Flat Roll Steel Mill represents. The Sinton Steel Mill is designed with a three million ton annual production capacity, which includes a galvanizing line (with Galvalume® capability) and a paint line, with an additional galvanizing line and paint line coming online mid-2023.Our state-of-the-art Sinton Steel Mill is designed to have product capabilities beyond that of any existing electric arc furnace (EAF) flat roll steel producers, competing even more effectively with the blast furnace steel model and foreign competition. The Sinton Steel Mill will utilize the next generation of EAF steelmaking with the ability to produce the latest generation of advanced high-strength steels. This mill follows the same stringent sustainability model as our other steelmaking facilities, to produce high-quality, lower-carbon, sustainable steel.Our Sinton Steel Mill provides a differentiated product offering, a unique regional supply chain solution, a significant geographic freight, and lead-time advantage, and offers a sustainable alternative to imports in a region in need of options. As our most significant investment to date, it provides us with transformational, competitively advantaged strategic growth, with associated long-term value creation for all of our stakeholders.

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“We are unwavering in our vision to see our investment in Sinton, Texas, create long-term value creation in the Southwest U.S. and Mexico. Strategically located to provide significant freight benefits and shorter lead times, this new mill will be one of the most advanced of its kind, capable of producing products currently unavailable in the U.S.”

– Mark D. Millett
  Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO

A Letter from Barry Schneider

Senior Vice President – Flat Roll Steel Group
I would like to start by thanking you for trusting Steel Dynamics with your flat rolled steel needs. We appreciate your support and value your trust that you have with Steel Dynamics being part of your supply chain.

SDI Rolling into Southwest

Steel Dynamics is doing it again by introducing a new breakthrough technology for mini mills that will allow us to meet your most demanding applications and produce the latest generation of advanced high-strength steel.